Property Management

Common investor mistakes to avoid!

Property Managers make the management of your investment easier (and hopefully stress free) but even with the best property manager, there are still lots of things to remember when you’re a property investor. From interest rate changes to the ups and downs of property prices, it’s important you remember a few key things to maximise

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Advice for every investor!

Welcome to my advice page!  You’re likely here because you’ve received the link through one of my marketing campaigns – so welcome!  I’ve put together a few links together so you can make your way directly to a situation that you need help with.  If there’s something else you would like advice on, drop me

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Meet your next PM

I find that nowadays, I often don’t get to meet my landlords.  Everyone is either time poor, or location gets in the way, so I put my creative hat on and created a video to try and give people a little insight into what you get when you join the Eview family. It’s a little

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