0% vacancy, just in time for Christmas!

As experienced investors know – leading up to Christmas is the quietest time of year for leasing (other than the week over Christmas / New Year of course where everyone is on holidays).  Despite this challenge, our office managed to lease every last one of our vacant homes!!!
How did we do this?  A lot of hard work combined with thinking outside the square.  Our last 4 properties were leased by;

  1. One was a tenant recommended to us by a friend of a staff member, she was available so we showed the property to her first thing Monday morning – immediate appointment.  She had her application ready, liked the property, we did the checks and had her approved same day – she was in before close of business to sign up, done!
  2. One was from an open on the weekend – this is pretty stock standard, they came, they saw, they applied, they leased!
  3. A higher end property in Werribee, this one was actually leased through our network.  Before it had even hit the market, we had advised our tenant database that it would be coming up soon.  One of those prospective tenants came to view the property on a Wednesday – approved within 24 hours – done and dusted.
  4. Finally – last one had been a little bit of a challenge for us (quiet time of year and all), but we had one potential applicant who had missed out on the weekend open.  They worked full time so couldn’t come during business hours – so what do we do?  Meet them first thing in the morning (before 8am).  She had her application ready, approved that day, first months rent paid and lease signed overnight via email.

Leasing a property isn’t just about putting a few photos on line, having a 15 minute open on a Saturday, then waiting for the quality applicants to simply come in, apply, have perfect applications and sign up the next day.  At least – that’s not how it is with Eview.  We go the extra mile to make sure our owners have minimal vacancy!
If you’re concerned with how long it’s taking to lease your property, then why not get in touch and we’ll explain how we can hep you achieve the best results with your investment! (And Yes, even over the holidays, I’ll be available to help, so what are you waiting for – submit your details and we can start working on it for you!)