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Emerging Bedroom Trends…

With the curve ball of Covid19, as an agent we’ve noticed some interesting trends… Just like other parts of the home, bedroom furnishing and decoration has evolved a lot over the years naturally.

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Coffee Chat!

Keep your eyes open!  What better way to meet your new property manager than by popping in to have a chat over coffee?  (Or tea of course). Every month, Personalised Property Management will

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Get ready for January 2020!

So, those of you who are close to me might already know, but Personalised Property Management will be going live in its own right as of January 2020.  Specialist property management stand alone

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Advice for every investor!

Welcome to my advice page!  You’re likely here because you’ve received the link through one of my marketing campaigns – so welcome!  I’ve put together a few links together so you can make

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Meet your next PM

I find that nowadays, I often don’t get to meet my landlords.  Everyone is either time poor, or location gets in the way, so I put my creative hat on and created a

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Making tenants feel valued

Smart investors know that having good quality tenants, that feel valued and looked after, is just common business sense!  Tenants who are happy, and who respect their agent, maintain properties better, go the

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