Company Profile

Personalised Property Management is the accumulation of 15+ years of experience in the industry, and a dream to run a unique property management company, with investments (and not sales) in mind. Owning property is a fantastic way to secure and grow wealth – but only if managed well.

A boutique agency, you can rest assured that you are not a number – Personalised Property Management only maintains and manages a select number of rentals. This ensures a high level of service as size is not a company goal, instead value over vanity is a key core value. We are not in competition with other agencies about who has the biggest rent roll! Rather, we are in competition with ourselves about how we can deliver the best product to those special clients we have chosen to work with.

Do we accept every Rental Provider? Of course not. Property managers in general often complain that 10% of their Rental Providers take up 90% of their time – yet they are stuck dealing with that 10% because the owner of the company is more concerned about keeping the numbers high – without realising the cost – both financial and mental – this causes on a company.

A key point of difference to sales based agencies, is that Michelle, a highly skilled professional, remains your point of contact. This makes communication straightforward – forget about the never ending revolving door of different property managers.