Emergency Contacts

On the rare occasion there is an emergency after hours, then our tenants are able to contact a Personalised Property Management Emergency Contact service provider. The first step is identifying what is classified as an emergency and then, who to call.

Life threatening / dangerous situation – when you have flash floods, storms, trees falling on houses or a fire, the first number to call is 000 for fire brigade, police or ambulance. If emergency services aren’t required, then the SES may be your best point of call.

If no one is in danger, but it is still an emergency, then the following trades are our emergency service providers. They are all trained in the residential tenancy act and will assist our tenants with whatever situation needs resolving.


Water / Plumbing
McQueen Group – 1800 627 833
Ones and Twos – 1800 663 896




McQueen Group – 1800 627 833



Make Safe
McQueen Group – 1800 627 833