Yes… that is free landlord insurance.

Yes, it’s as good as it sounds – sign up your hard earned investment with Eview Werribee in Spring, and we’ll pay for your landlord insurance (or landlord insurance renewal).  What are the conditions you ask?  No fine print hidden here- all you have to do is sign a 12 management authority with us, so that we can look after your investment property.  The insurance company will need to talk to you (just to confirm that you’re the owner of the property and you want landlord insurance – who doesn’t).
Call or email me today to discuss! / 0497 888 087.
Why is Landlord insurance so important?  Many who are new to investing, my not realise that building insurance does not cover you for a lot of things when your house has been turned into a rental property.  For example, if someone stole your appliances while the house was vacant – Landlord insurance covers this!  The same as accidental damage from the tenant – cooking fires and the like are not covered by most building insurance policies when the property is tenanted.
Don’t risk it – select the right, experienced agent to look after your rental (us of course), combine that with landlord insurance for the unexpected, and your investment will basically be bullet proof!