Signage- how do you choose an agent

This post is more of a question to the landlords out there.  What kind of signage do you respond to?
One challenge I have found since coming to Eview Werribee over a year ago is that not many people in the western suburbs actually know the Eview brand so, we’ve taken the leap and we’re arranging to get some more signage out there and for that, I’m volunteering my car!
So, what type of signage grabs your eye?  And what signage turns you off.  Don’t worry, I don’t drive around in a sleazy sales agent vehicle, it’s just a stock standard holden cruze, but the plans are to get a see through rear windscreen design as well as side magnets.  So wherever I drive, people will see my name (and me).
I’d best drive well!
Let me know what you think!