Share in the success – $250 voucher

At Eview Werribee, we would like to share in our success.  Winning the Property Management Department of the year award across the whole Eview group for 2017 has inspired us to reach for higher heights!
So, in the spirit of giving (handy close to Christmas) any owner who signs up with us from now until December 31st, will receive a $250 voucher of their choice (or the same amount credited towards their management or letting fees).   Submit your details now so we can get started on a long and successful business relationship that will help you get the most from your hard earned investment property!
share success
Should you transfer your investment property to us for a voucher? Of course not, but, if you’ve been sitting on the fence, or you are not 100% satisfied with your current service, then this is a great opportunity to join the Eview family, knowing that your property will be well cared for and – score a bonus voucher while you’re at it!
Transferring your property is easier than most people think.  Provided you’re not on an exclusive authority (so if you’ve just signed one, I’m happy to give advice, but it’s likely you can’t change straight away) – all you need to do is sign an authority, provided your current agencies details, we do the rest!  In 2 business days or less, we’ll have your file, will have done a health check on your property, and will have provided you with a full update on where everything is at!
Property not tenanted?  No problems, we have well below industry average vacancies with our properties.  Why is this?  We have a database of tenants and often, we lease houses in popular areas, without having to have an advertised open for inspection!  We make the effort to pre-approve applications.  Once pre-approved, potential tenants stop looking as they know, that all they have to do is view the property before signing up!  We do not stick to the antiquated notion of ‘we will not process your application until you’ve seen the property – which is only open for 10 minutes, at one point in the week’.
What are you waiting for?  Call me now on 0497 888 087, or submit your details here and let me know a good time and way to get a hold of you so we can chat!