Making tenants feel valued


Smart investors know that having good quality tenants, that feel valued and looked after, is just common business sense!  Tenants who are happy, and who respect their agent, maintain properties better, go the extra mile to look after things, are more understanding when it comes to maintenance, or open for inspections (should the property be for sale)… the list goes on.
For us, our latest promotion is providing our new tenants with a home made gift!  A little corny, I know, but I make these with my daughters – growing from scratch great kitchen windowsill plants such as mint, thyme, lavender… A fun activity at home, surprise gift for the tenant.  It’s win win.
Have you ever received a gift from your agent as a tenant?  (I know it’s pretty standard when you buy a house, that a sales agent gives you something upon settlement – but have you ever thought about it from a tenant / landlord prospective?) . Let me know your thoughts!