Get ready for January 2020!

So, those of you who are close to me might already know, but Personalised Property Management will be going live in its own right as of January 2020.  Specialist property management stand alone company.
Because setting up a real estate agency properly takes time, I began the process earlier this year and I’m slowly ticking off all the various admin aspects of the business one by one.  Next step however – is choosing the logo! (Can’t have an awesome website – yes, more awesome than this one… professionally done this time – without a logo!).
For this, I need your help – tell me your thoughts about the below – should I go the more transformer style logo (would look good on the bonnet of my car but yes, a bit transformer like) or – go the more simply designed lettered logo… let me know!
For those of you who can’t wait until January – you can still sign up and have me mange your property now – all without the worry of being handed over from property manager to property manager!  16 years in and I’m not going anywhere!  Contact me today to discuss your needs so you too can be a part of this exciting new venture!