From Home Truths – Don't be a D… Landlord

So, I had to have a bit of a laugh coming across a shared article titled ‘Don’t be a Dxxk landlord.’
I had to have a bit of a laugh and if you want to read the full article you can find it here.
Some owners may be surprised, but even though we offer a personalised property management approach, we won’t work with every owner that comes along.
Why you ask?  I’m the landlord, you work for me, I pay you to work for me?  True, for the majority of landlords we are happy to work with them, with their tenant’s and have a great business relationship.
However, as the guide points out – there are some special people out there who don’t seem to understand that rental properties are great long term investments.  So, if you’ve read the guide and you have laughed along with me or even had a bit of a smile, looks like you’re the right kind of landlord that we would love to work with.  Get in touch by filling out your details and I’ll give you a call.