Free Safety Cord Kit from Consumer Affairs – Vic

Understanding the potential danger of blind cords, in particular for landlords, is quite important.

Young children can strangle themselves with looped curtain and blind cords. At least 12 young children have died as a result in Australia since the year 2000, including two in Victoria in August and September 2009.

Why are loose cords dangerous?

A child can place the loop over their head and/or get tangled in loose cords when they are:

  • in a cot or bed where cords are hanging
  • playing near cords, or
  • standing on a chair, sofa or bed to look out of a window.

To assist in preventing this, anyone can order a free safety kit to make looped curtain and blind cords safer in your home. Order through our online order form or call 1300 55 81 81. Stocks are limited though so if you do miss out on the free kit, we would still recommend arranging them to be installed yourself (it’s not complicated and all the equipment is available easy and cheaply from Bunnings or any hardware store). Or, get in touch with your property manager as our handymen can complete the job at a reasonable price- remember, there is no price on piece of mind!