Emerging Bedroom Trends…

With the curve ball of Covid19, as an agent we’ve noticed some interesting trends…

Just like other parts of the home, bedroom furnishing and decoration has evolved a lot over the years naturally. From the sponged feature walls of decades past to neatly pressed valances to today’s houseplant-donned rooms, there’s a lot you can do to make sure your property reflects current trends to either attract your ideal tenant.

In this article, we provide an overview of some of the bedroom trends that have emerged as COVID-19 has changed our lifestyles.

Adding an office space to the bedroom

With many people now working from home, and for some, some not having a dedicated space in their home for work has caused some real challenges. Makeshift offices have become an integral part of the bedroom in some people’s homes (which is not ideal as it’s harder then to separate yourself from home and work during lock down) . This will be something to think about if you’re looking to build / buy an investment property or if you’re looking for new tenants and have the potential to improve your existing investment. People want to be able to picture themselves living and working at home but with some space so they can also separate the two.

A quiet, wellness space

As some people have been using part of their bedrooms as a workspace, other people have been using parts of their rooms as a space for health and wellness. Recent trends include the addition of equipment such as a yoga mat and incense for a quiet meditation and yoga corner, or free weights and resistance bands for those after a more intense workout. (Me personally, I’ve added a freestanding kickboxing bag to the kids play room… the kids do Karate but it’s really for me!) Whether there’s space for working out in the bedroom or other parts of the home, think about this when you’re marketing your property to potential buyers and tenants.

Space-saving updates

If your investment property is vacant, and you know the size of the bedroom has been an issue for previous tenants, you could look at some small changes to help save space and potentially attract higher quality tenants. Small finishes such as bedside pendant lights free up space on bedside tables.

Natural light is key

The amount of natural light in a home is important to potential buyers and tenants alike. If your property is currently vacant, look at how much natural light your property is getting and think of ways to maximise the amount of natural light the flows into the bedroom. This may include changes to window coverings or removing obstructions outside if it’s possible.

Whether you’re currently looking to buy an investment property, or you’re looking for some fantastic new tenants, ensuring your property looks like a space where people want to spend a lot of their time is critical, especially right now. Investing a bit of time, and possibly some money, now into making your property look and feel as liveable as possible. This will pay off in many ways depending on your objectives. You could increase the value of your investment, minimise vacancy and achieve a higher rental. A bit of extra effort in line with what people are looking for is very much worth it.

Remember, this article does not constitute financial or legal advice. Please consult your professional financial and legal advisers before making any decisions for yourself.