Award Winning Property Management

Eview has award winning property management, so why not trust your investment property with us!
What are the awards for really for?  The blue ones are statistics – so that’s a pure case of numbers.  For Eview, for the whole Eview group (offices throughout Melbourne, in NSW, QLD and WA), I listed the most new managements out of the group and I leased the most properties out of the group.
For the other two awards, Rental Department of the Year – this one is a little more broad, but as a company, Eview Werribee grew their rent roll the most (organically, we don’t buy properties here).  For the Rising Star in Property Management Award – as nice as it sounds, this one is a little more ambiguous.  It’s a great accolade to be voted by the powers that be the rising star (as in the person that who has joined a company within the last 18 months to have achieved the most over their piers)  – this is the only one I feel a little shy about as such.  Here in Property Management – we have different personalities than Sales Agents.  Different Egos.  (Don’t worry, I have a healthy ego, it’s just not as loud as some of the sales agents).
Anyway, there’s me tooting our horn a little bit.  Trying to get our achievements out there for a company that provides award winning property management.